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Have a question about ChuanBen tools or accessories? It may have been asked before, so there’s a good chance the answer is below. Do a quick search, and if you can’t find your answer click the “Contact Us” tab. Fill out the required fields and we’ll get back to you with an answer.


1.Where the ChuanBen Power Tools Factory? What about it?

ChuanBen Power Tools Factory is in Yongkang City,Zhejiang Province,China. Chuan Ben power tools, power tools excellent Chinese manufacturer of power tools 17 years experience in the production and export experience, professional power tools with an excellent R & D team Trade Commissioner.


2.Can you provide the cheapest price ?

When you give me detailed product requirements, I will provide you a pretty competitive price.


3.ChuanBen Power Tools manufacture support OEM?

Yes, support OEM. Can customized according to the different requirements of guests to make changes.


4.ChuanBen  a factory? Promise me is the lowest price?

Yes, We are factory and have 17 years experience in production power tools ,Professional R & D team and good after sale service. Of course,in the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, we can give you the best price


5.Can you provide samples?

Of course.Can provide the best samples according to the request of the guests


6.The quality of the products?

We have own brand in China,our products quality is located in the higher grade.


7.Power tools use precautions.

1. Keep the work area clean  

2. Don't use the tools, in the rain, much humidity or where flammable liquids and gases exists. 

3. Keep The electric wire away from heat, oil and sharp objects. The wire should be replaced when it is damaged.

4. Do not exceed the tool's working-ability 

5. Don't using small power of electricity when it overload works

6. Do not use this tool to work out of its functions.

7. Wear overalls and protective glasses when you are working



8.where use of chuanben power tools?



9.can you provide all the accessories of Original machine?

Yes, we are a professional manufacturer , so we have accessories , and can be easily and quickly provide our parts of the machine. 


10.Where is the ChuanBen target export market?

 Southeast Asia,South America,Middle East ,etc.In the future, we hope our brand is famous all over the world. is the services after sales?

Generally before shipment , we will have an inspection program , in order to avoid unnecessary trouble later ,

we will ensure the quality of the goods and provide the right amount of accessories for repair


12.Your company to participate in the exhibition? 

Yes, Canton , Shanghai Hardware Show.However, we hope you have a plan to visit our factory.


13.Impact drill and angle grinder can be made set tools?

Impact drill with other hand tools and consumables combination tool introduced, so that more consumers feel the power tool series products bring to life the convenience and fast , so , following the impact drills kits after the Chuan Ben tools and impact drill started with a combination of angle grinder suit , reasonable combination allows users to feel better in their work product advantages , but also allows work becomes handy.


14.How do I access the online cataloge for ChuanBen power tools?

Check on the link below.


15.I am not in China, who do I contact with questions regarding ChuanBen power tool product?

You can add my Wechat/Whatsapp NO:+86-15267921387 , Skype ID : ,and for communicating in time.


16.Can I use other company accessories to fix ChuanBen Tools?

some model of  the products have the same accessories as BOSH, DEwalt ,Makita. Or you can contact us to get the detail information of the machine



17.How to pay sum of the money?

We only have T/T .As for the quotations,we will provide it for you as soon as possible.This payment is 30% deposit By T/T in advance; 70% balance By T/T before container loading


18.Can I order small amount customization first?

Yes, you can. But our customization has the min order quantity requirement is 500pcs.



19.Who do I contact regarding my ChuanBen hardware items like rotary hammer and angle grinder?

When you first provided the product specifications, samples, or drawings to my mailbox. I will get in touch with you within 3 days


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