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2013 fall fair, what is the most popular product? [2013-10-22]


2013 Autumn Fair on 15th of this month at the Pazhou scheduled, the first day of the opening of merchants was not high , while the slow recovery of developed markets in Europe and America , the second is coinciding religious festival " Eid al-Adha ," accounting for the number of customers about previous fourth in the Middle East , North Africa and other merchants reduced.
Exports from the current domestic appliance market conditions , as well as household electrical appliance enterprises overseas markets strategic point of view , including the Middle East , Africa, Southeast Asia , including the three major emerging market attention.
The news for the power tool industry is a very good trend , air conditioners and other appliances installation is required to use power tools , air conditioners and other household electric tools prosperity , and also led the revitalization of the power tool industry .
Southeast Asia to India, Thailand, Indonesia , represented by the State , a large population base , air-conditioning demand ; infrastructure many Middle Eastern countries , the housing market strong, driven by sales of air conditioners ; Africa Nigeria and other countries in recent years has maintained a good growth. In the power tool industry , the demand is also equal to grow.
March 2013 , Chinese President Xi Jinping first visit to Africa after he took office , China-Africa trade cooperation diversification accelerated. Fair this fall , African businessmen indeed a good performance . October 16 held a " concern the South African market, and promote South trade " as the theme of the Fair ( South Africa ) International Market Forum , for the first time are focusing on the African market .
Indian media reported commercial line website in June reported that from January to May this year , Chuan Ben Power Tools in India maintained a rapid growth momentum, only the first five months sales had already exceeded the 2012 full year sales, in addition to the existing cities in addition, small cities and towns to the increase in demand for air conditioning electric tool business has brought new growth points .

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