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2014 Chuan Ben usher in the first list of foreign trade , Indonesia guests [2014-02-17]


In 2014 January, As Chuan Ben, is a day of celebration. In 2014-1-20, an Indonesian ship company, in our foreign trade sales staff to communicate with him constantly, finally reached a cooperation. This is a new departure in 2014, good sign is the beginning of the year.
Chuan Ben electric tools factory has 17 years of production experience, and with the ship, there have been a number of cooperation, so for the Indonesian clients, we are very familiar with the recommended often exported models. The guest is very satisfied with the price of the product, although this is just a test, but the Sichuan run electric tools manufacturers believe, recognition of the quality of our products at the guest, will have to return a order.
The guests in order to make sure we Is it right? Electric tool manufacturers, but also specially came to China visited factories, and our staff are very pleasant conversation, we gave them serve Chinese enthusiasm, they love us smile.
I wish the Sichuan run electric tool manufacturers in 2014, have more orders, products get more customers recognized.  
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