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2014 Spring Fair , how to contact Chuan Ben tools ? [2014-04-14]


2014 Spring Fair upcoming , Sichuan , Zhejiang, Ben tools into intense 
preparation period.
Staffing will be set at about 10 people , many customers have contacted us 
in advance , agreed during the exhibition , expand interviews.
But at the same time , there are many customers have no contact with the 
Chuan Ben tools, customer concerns Chuan Ben tool , go to the official 
website news page , there will be a lot of contact.
If you come to China , you can play Mobile: 15267921387
If you want to send the message , then
If you want to chat more efficient , use Skype account , adding : 
All this can be linked to us , 2104 Spring Fair , hardware shop , Chuan Ben 
tools welcome you.

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