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26mm hammer to use [2013-12-24]

Many people use 26 hammer, some operations due to improper methods, it is likely to cause damage or personal injury tool. Here are just some of the 26 hammer precautions when using.

First, check carefully before using the hammer 26 there is no damage. Such as: housing, the handle is cracked, damaged; wires, plugs, etc. are intact; switch is turned on is normal and so on. These are safe to use base 26 hammers.

Secondly, in use to avoid improper operation. Use Class II handheld hammer 26 in some places, to ensure that the electric current is not greater than 15mA, and the installation of rated operating time of less than 0.1s leakage protection. If the selection of 26 Class I hand-hammer, then zero must be done to protect the operator wear insulated tools. This type of hammer, should not have a metal frame in a damp place or practical, easily lead to shock events.

Finally, after 26 Hammer electrical connection running, let it idle for some time, it is flexible and unimpeded observation. When used on the force exerted by the hammer 26 should be smooth, not too much force, do not touch the mold and the wheel. When heated or violent sound operation occurs, it should stop immediately check, must not overload use.

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