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Affiliate power tools manufacturer , Sichuan Ben small share knowledge with you [2014-11-22]

Portable electric machines and hand-held power tools must use single-
phase power line three core soft rubber cable , three-phase four core 
rubber cable, power cord must usedWire, cable sheathing should wear to 
the junction box and fixtures .
2 , power tools should be checked before using the following matters:
(1 ) shell, handle no cracks, no injury;
(2 ) to protect the ground line or zero line connected correctly and 
firmly ;
(3 ) cable or rope in good condition;
( 4 ) is inserted in good condition ;
(5) Switch action is normal, flexible , and no defects;
(6 ) Electrical protective devices are in good condition ;
(7 ) mechanical protection devices are in good condition ;
3 , power tools, insulation resistance should always use 500 v 
Megaohmmeter measurements, such as the insulation resistance between 
live parts and enclosure reach 2 m Ω must repair process .
4, after the electric tool motor parts repair, you must conduct stress 
tests , measure the insulation resistance and insulation test voltage 
of 380 v, test time is 1 minute .
5, the connection circuit of electrical machinery and tools should be 
set individually switch or outlet, and provide leakage current 
protection , metal shell ; prohibited the brakes after a variety of 

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