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Aluminum sawing work safety rules [2014-12-18]

Ingots must be cut card prison. When sawing aluminum ingots ,aluminum mold design and production process saw the trip can not go too fast , ingot temperature should not be too high. The location should be correct lubricant poured continuously .

When the blade is not completely stopped , prohibited to clean aluminum scrap . Ingots amputated short head of not less than 20 mm ,should be promptly removed after stopping the saw .When the blade is returned in situ before renewal aluminum ingots,aluminum ingots to prevent blade strike . Continued ingot ingot staffshall be placed below.

Can Saw Miter Saw steel ?

Need to re- buy a saw, because with a saw blade saw over in aluminum, then there will be a lot of flash after aluminum steel, sharp blade nor the original so .

Saw aluminum machine cut iron blade can change it?

Yes, but rarely is a laser cutting machine, most or traditional .Suitable for cutting all kinds of copper, copper alloy , iron ,stainless steel, seamless steel , aluminum extrusion die designtraining provided aluminum and other metal pipe bar . 1, there aresemi-automatic , manual feeding, automatic clip feeding, automaticcutting . Can be used for straight cutting 90 ° , 90 ° -30 ° leftto the miter , 90 ° -45 ° to the right miter . 2 , there areautomatic type by programmable PLC program settings , automatic feeding .

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