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Analysis of Yongkang Chuan Ben electric tool electric drill [2017-12-01]

The switch of electric tool electric drill is equipped with infinitely variable speed, and there is a small knob on the speed regulating switch, which can have six or seven limiting gears. After adjustment, when using low speed gear, it will not be too heavy to cause too much speed.
A total of 9 screws on the shell. There is a layer of grey coating on the outside, which is much better than the galvanized or blackened.
The technological level of the mold is very high and the inner wall is very smooth. This plastic shell feels very strong and has a good wrestling resistance.
The standard 4 rolling bearings consist of the power system, which is of good quality and stable output.
The gear tooth has been quenched by high frequency to improve the hardness. It is the style of the products produced by the big factory.
The rotor and stator have the production number, the total length of the rotor is 135mm, the diameter of the core is 35mm, the thickness is 30mm, the dynamic balancing process of the core and the technology of coil dipping are all excellent. The diameter of the wind leaf is 50mm, and the material is strong. The stator core diameter is 58mm, and the thickness is 30mm. The stator coils are impregnated with a thick layer of resin paint, which can effectively prevent the sand from the air inlet to wear the coil. China's motor production technology is very good.
The length of the brush is 13mm, and the household can be used for many years. The brush seat is very thick, and the bakelite material, this material has good insulating properties, high mechanical strength, heat resistance and flame retardant.Cheap electric tools usually use plastic in this place. In addition, the filter capacitor and coil magnetic loop are designed to resist interference.
Yongkang Sichuan run electric tool is one of Zhejiang's largest electric tools factory China, for product quality is not simply the pursuit of more is in action. In the strict production standards of electric tools, suitable to the customer satisfaction of products, is the mission of running Sichuan electric tools. You will get an unexpected rush of Sichuan the service. (this article by Ben BEN Sichuan electric tools for the original, reproduced please specify the source of

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