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Angle grinder power tools out of the question how to deal with wholesalers [2013-09-13]


Angle grinder is a power tool in a class , because of its multi-use performance: cutting, grinding , etc., should also be used in the field of Calvary quite extensive , of course, for power tool manufacturers, will be in the product packaging has Describe some of the practices , but from our usual sales statistics found that in practice , many of our clients because of their compact body angle grinder and easy to operate, and lightly used , greatly increases the angle grinder repair and return rates , then as a power tool dealers how to deal with these problems , we usually do ?
Angle grinder routine problems mainly because the operator does not understand the power angle grinder itself, leaving the motor over the negative from the page to shorten the service life of the machine , or even directly cause burn down , the other is that some conventional consumable damage , for the previous case, dealers can damage the motor for processing, such as the motor , it has been worn within the warranty period in place , then no problem directly to a new machine , if problems are caused by their own , then the maintenance costs can be borne by the dealer , but the loss of parts should be paid by the purchaser .
These right angle grinder processing when there is a problem , and I hope to help the dealer of course, as a professional power tools manufacturer - Chuan Ben power tools , it has been trying to do a good job on the dealer's service for some dealers can not deal with the problem , Chuan Ben power tools will have a professional sales consultant service , and according to some of the special requirements of customers , to "people -oriented" manner.

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