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Angle grinder troubleshooting method [2013-11-30]

First open the connection line of skin is not broken, with a multimeter on the casing can be detected, and then the rotor and measurement, and can detect the rotor or stator leakage leakage, leakage is only the replacement of the rotor, stator leakage have a look is not carbon powder and other sundries accumulate too much and leakage, clean and measurement the stator winding insulation, or leakage is not good, have a look is not winding is connected with a shell or wet to, if not be rewound.

Angle grinder is a series excited motor, this motor features, there are two pieces of carbon brush, a commutator rotor. The most common burned part of the motor is the end of the commutator and rotor winding.

If the commutator burned, usually brush pressure is not enough. When the motor working current, if sustained, carbon brush wear quickly, time is long, the carbon brush is shorter, the pressure becomes smaller, the contact resistance is large, then the commutator surface heating is very serious.

If the winding part of the burn, the pressure on the workpiece when work great angle grinder, friction is very big, the motor is in overload state time is too long. Also because the current is too large.

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