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April Fool's Day is coming, please be careful ~ [2015-03-31]

April Fool's day in western society is traditional folk festivals, the festival on April 1st. April Fool's day and ancient Rome Hilaria and India Joy Festival there are similarities.
April Fool's day, people are often a family gathering, the room decoration with daffodils and daisies. Typical arrangement of the traditional approach is false environment, can 
make the room like Christmas. Also can be arranged like Chinese new year, when the guests, then congratulations to them "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year", it is interesting and unique.
In April 1st the fish feast. Also open up a fresh outlook. Invitations to participate in the feast of fish, usually made of colored cardboard fish. Table with green, white dichromatic adornment. Put the middle of the tank and the little and dainty fishing rod, fishing rod on each is a green ribbon, is hanging to give guest's gift or an exquisite celluloid fish, or a fish basket full of candy. It is self-evident, fish feast on all the dishes are made with fish.
On April Fool's Day gathering, have a false customs and cuisine. Someone once described a typical April Fool's Day recipe: first, a "salad", lettuce leaves scattered on the green pepper, but after the leaves opened, found below the original
Here is the oyster cocktail; second dishes are "baked potato", are sweet bread crumb and fresh mushrooms; after the dishes are disguised with the meat to make roast chiken and tomato salad buried in the following raspberry ice cream. After dinner, guests can also be fed from the pill in the box of candy.
But the most typical activities or April we make fun of each other, tease each other lies. Some people have thin shuanzhe wallet in the street, the other end their pulling a line in the dark. If someone picked up the wallet, they by surprise ground walks suddenly purse. And put on the broken bricks hat resting on the road below them, and then waiting to see who can play it. The child will tell parents that their bags Poliaogedong, or his face is black spot. Adult body to see, they shouted "April fool". With a smile and run away. In short, every April Fool's day this day, the zoo and aquarium Fish will receive a lot of calls (FISH) Mr. tiger (tiger) call Mr., often make a staff cut off the telephone line, to reduce trouble.

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