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Before operating the electric circular saw preparations [2013-12-05]

Electric circular saw before , you must do some preparation work for the safety of our operations . Below will introduce some tips in this regard :

1, check the blades, housings, handles for cracks , damage .

2 , cable cords and plugs intact , normal switching operation , protect access to zero connected correctly , solid and reliable.

3 , the blade is securely installed , whether the bolt is tightened , both inside and outside the blade chuck is firmly clamped. Horizontal axis of the blade is flat and perpendicular electric circular saw .

4, check the side handle is securely installed , will loose grip when operating .

5 , check whether the workpiece to be cut is firmly fixed.

6 , inspection activities guard rotation is flexible, there is no distortion, and the saw blade will not phase friction connection is reliable, the operation will not fall off.


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