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Canton fair in China's economy has three big role [2015-04-26]

Canton fair is like a mirror, which not only reflects the historical process of China's foreign trade development, also a record of the changes in many aspects of economic development in China. But for us, and that the function of the Canton fair is more than just a witness to China's economic growth. A PhD in economics from xiamen university yong-hong tang believes that for the Canton fair of China's economic role mainly in three aspects. One is the guangzhou trade fair to promote the development of China's trade. Canton fair from inception, the export volume of business continued to grow, in total exports in the country, a larger proportion, in $account for general trade export achievements in the quarter, the amount of effective accumulative total amount of export volume has more than $500 billion, directly promote the trade and the development of China and the rest of the world; This is the first.
The second function of it is, in fact, the window of China and the world to communicate. In other words, become the window of the international economic and trade exchanges. Canton fair has become China's products to a best platform made in the presentation and negotiation, Chinese enterprises to enter the international market, participate in the economic and trade exchanges the best channel, is a one-stop platform for international buyers purchasing Chinese products. Because he has to attend the Canton fair, is equivalent to visited China each region and industry, and this is the second.
Third, Canton fair as a trade fair, with the spread of information and service functions, it is not only a trade platform, and trade policies, market information and trade information exchange center, in fact we held each year, there will be a variety of policy conferences, and various trade seminars, report, meeting, meeting between supply and demand, etc., the transmission of the information service. Yong-hong tang, said he believed the Canton fair will continue in the future to our country's economic construction, expand the foreign trade export, promote information exchange between China and foreign countries play its role.

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