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Caution when using rotary hammer [2015-07-13]

1.Before using careful to check whether there is lubricant
Be sure to disconnect the machine's power switch before oiling, and unplug the power cord from the power outlet.
Large hammer ( eg Z1G-65 type ) installed inside the tank , so even without the oil supply , if the operation time of 3 to 4 hours a day , still about 20 days of continuous use . Before using the hammer, the following shall be oiling method , or when hammering obvious inability timely refueling.
When put up rig , if the gauge window peep see oil ( available in 40 # lubricants ) , should be supplemented refueling . Before refueling , you should use the attached wrench demolition oil gauge , and must pay great attention to prevent loss of rubber seals below . The oil level should be checked once a day , to confirm the adequacy of oil .
Small hammer ( eg Z1G-0810 type ) , shape with hammer, hammer should be injected into the lubricant 30 g , not more than 30 grams . Pay more , will make the whole catastrophic failure ; add less , will lead the whole heat, burn internal parts , not just the use of automotive lubricants, bicycle chain oil or other lubricants.
2. Maintenance of the motor
Motor windings are hammer heart , should be carefully examined for damage , whether oil or water is wet .
3. Check the brush
Motor brushes are consumables, once worn to the limit, the motor may be a variety of failures. If you are using self -stop brushes , the motor will automatically stop. Brush should be kept clean to ensure slide freely within the brush holder .

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