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China 110V electric drill [2015-08-23]

Chuanben electric tools ship 59 series of products is a series of products of our factory new listings, designed for customers provide small quantities of 110V ship types of power tools.

1.Chuanben power tools for 17 years has been to Shanghai , Ningbo, Qingdao , Qinhuangdao , Tianjin and other shipping companies offer 59 series power tools and get 100% customer praise praise !

2 , the face of a voltage of 110V , you do not need large quantities of customized small orders can be achieved , and promised to ship to you within 3-5 days , achieving 0 inventory warehousing , inventory cost savings ;

3 , we also prepare for the shipping company specializing in OEM customers a customized service for our customers to increase brand awareness , increase customer viscosity , and free image and logo design package .

4, for the shipping company 59 series of electric tools , we are committed to give you three months of the motor replacement, one year warranty on the entire free service .


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