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China become the world's major power tools supplier [2014-08-16]


        With the application of modern scientific and technological 
achievements in industry, hardware power tools in the industry is 
becoming more and more competitive. To gain a foothold in the field of 
electric tools,it must fully understand the development of the market 
         In the process of electric tools of global sales, for the most 
part from production and export in our country, our country has become 
a major world power tool suppliers. But in the electric tool industry 
at the same time of development, all kinds of electric tools due to 
various aspects quality problem of the damage to consumers also happen 
from time to tome, from around the world to the domestic market of 
electric tool is increasingly demanding.
         Level throughout the domestic current situation of the electric 
tool industry, the production of household electric tools products 
accounted for the vast majority, can form the product series of 
professional products factory is rare, industry concentration degree is 
low, the lack of leading enterprises. From the point of development 
trend, domestic brand will experience between industry reshuffle, 
eventually formed by a leader at the head and normative and orderly 
market; Between domestic and foreign brands, market share will 
redistribute, domestic brands instead of foreign brands.
         To consolidate has occupied market, further cultivate and develop 
new markets, enterprises must fully realize that only through power 
tools companies themselves change, use of science and technology 
information technology to promote the development of the electric tool 
industry, the stage of gradually occupied the capital market, promote 
the resources of the Chinese electric tool industry restructuring and 

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