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China Electric tools manufacturer——Chuanben Power tools [2015-06-12]

Chuanben Power tools is the China famous power tools manufacturer with 17 years of professional productly history. including the electric drill, anglegrinder, cutting,machine,circular,Saw,electric planer,electric hammer,electric pick, carving machine, flat edge trimmer,electric grinder, scroll saw, sander,electric blower, cleaner.Our company is established in 1997.For 16 years,we always focus on the manufacture of domestic electric tools with good quality. Our products win the good reputation of stable quality, prompt delivery time,creative new items from our customers.
Now, our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters. We own three professional tools production lines and research teams of new products. With rich technology experience for years, our month capacity has reached 10,000 pieces.Since 2010, we have integrated the capacity and strengthen the staffs’ job training. Meanwhile, we have shorten the production cycle and strengthen the product stability, improve the efficiency and the level of OEM ,which are the strong base of our own brand CHUANBEN series. CHUANBEN series base on the marine electric tools , such as electric drill,electric hammer,electric pick, anglegrinder,stone cutting machine,cutting-off grinder,Mitre Saw, flat edge trimmer, scroll saw,electricgrinder,ELECTRIC BLOWER,cleaner which are widely used in the southeast Asia. XO series electric tools equipment mainly based on the household electric tools with good price, such as electric drill, anglegrinder,cutting machine, circular Saw,electric planer,electric hammer,electric pick,carving machine, flat edge trimmer,Mould electric grinder,curve saw, sander,Suction blower, cleaner.The products are the perfect combination household land profession,which meet the customers’ different requirements.

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