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China good quality Angle grinder factory [2016-01-12]

Angle grinder is a use of glass fiber reinforced plastic portable electric tools for cutting and polishing, brush is mainly used for cutting, grinding and grinding metal and stone, etc.
Electric Angle grinder is in using high speed rotating thin grinding wheel and rubber wheel, wire wheel, grinding and cutting of the metal artifacts, rust removing, polishing processing. Angle grinder brush suitable for cutting, grinding and grinding metal and stone, water cannot be used when homework.
Here, let me tell you some knowledge about the using of Angle grinder.
1) what reason is Angle grinder electricity is take edm ?
Small spark is normal, spark big carbon brush is bad, spark and a voice, the rotor is damaged.
2)What is the difference between Angle grinder and Straight  grinder?
Angle grinder: output motor to drive shaft at 90 ° Angle, the full name of Angle grinder, suitable for grinding steel, cutting stone material etc
Straight grinder: motor and the output shaft to 180 °, there is no corner, suitable for fine grinding and polishing.
3)How to change the Angle of grinding wheel grinding machine?
Wrenching to lock clamp, counterclockwise, hold down the brake button, unload clamp
4)How to identify grinder quality of carbon brush?
Generally speaking, the judge grinder can the quality of the carbon brush from the hardness, saturation, applicable degree, this three pieces. It is important to note that the carbon brush belong to the consumable, needs should change; No matter good quality is poor, its life is basically the same, the key lies in the degree of wear electric tools rotor is different; Good carbon brush texture fine feel is soft, but the price is expensive. But don't damage the rotor; Under the condition of normal use, the carbon brush life is about 3 months, idling speed is running fast, working state consumes less appropriate

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