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China hardware electric tools in Central Asia is very popular、 [2015-09-07]

In Kyrgyzstan, the capital of Bishkek, the Chinese market, the Chinese businessmen to visit Chang Feng electric tools in his business to operate the work. Chang Feng said, China's hardware electric tools in Central Asia is very popular.
China shipping market is the largest wholesale and retail market in Central Asia, the whole market is assembled with more than ten thousand containers. Channels in the market are as complex as a maze. A layer of the market as a general store, the upper level is a temporary warehouse. Kyrgyzstan was an important trading post on the ancient Silk Road traffic. Today, Kyrgyzstan after years of development has already become China Commodity Central Asia Trade Center radiation: Chinese goods first shipped to some large-scale wholesale markets, also is commonly known as the local people, "bazaar", then turn around the pin to Kyrgyzstan and other countries in Central Asia and Eurasia. Despite the recent addition to the Eurasian Economic Union in Kyrgyzstan, China tariff will increase, but here are still hope that by virtue of their many years of hard work in the foundation for the "along the way," the trade Unicom to contribute their own strength.

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