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China's power tools exist differences than in developed countries need technological innovation [2015-03-28]

China's electric tool industry macroeconomic situation is good , the development is very fast, but is more fragile. On the one hand our things in the world 's largest power tool producer , from the number of ways, is the largest country in exports . According to reports, power tools, foreign trade exports more than Germany. But on the other hand , regardless of the brand , the appearance of quality , service, etc. We also have a large gap , can only be regarded as a big country , and the number from the number of export production, rather than electric power tools , treat the development of the industry, we must assess the situation can not be blindly optimistic.
China's power tools Overall, there is still a large gap between the level of product technology with foreign trade , mainly poor appearance of the product quality , rather monotonous appearance , quality is not chaos , screams high frequency , output per unit weight low and does not meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility .
In the fierce market competition, price competition is the most important issue , and some companies put price pressure too low , should get no economic benefit can be , seriously affect the development of the industry in exports reflected in the title : First, the vast majority of exports are " brand- produced ," " neutral packaging" is basically to sample processing, no own brand ; Second, lower prices between foreign companies and enterprises producing export products , low prices ,Because many of declining export prices , severe impact on the economic benefits of export enterprises , and some can only be guaranteed or profit, making the efficiency of the sector is declining ; export low-grade power tools , there are a lot of product quality is not chaos , in addition , our almost all export products DIY tools can not be used on production lines and industrial , for selling products exported good price .

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