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Chinese Electric drill Factory [2015-09-13]

Electric drilling machine is widely used in many fields, the price is not high and practical. But what you don't know is that the electric drill was invented in Germany.
Electric drilling machine for inadvertently, has become the symbol of man, if you want to create a strong horticulture shed, you need to help it. The beginning, electric drilling machine is in the Australian invention, after the dedication of the Germans Faenza (Wilhelm Emil Fein) in 1895, the improvement of electric drilling machine easy to carry portable appearance, from the complete liberation of manly and help people handle numerous difficult to make furniture.

First of all, the electric tool is a motor or an electromagnet as the driving force,through the transmission mechanism to drive the work head of a hand-held or portable mechanical tool. Electric construction has the advantages of convenient operation,
simple operation, functional diversity, can greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and realize the mechanization of manual operation, which is widely used in building, housing decoration, automobile, machinery, electricity, bridges,horticulture and other fields, and began to enter the family.

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