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choose the electric drill [2018-03-03]

As the most widely used product in power tool industry, electric hand drill is generally used for drilling or penetrating objects. it is not only small in size, light in weight, strong in function, but also more and more important in our life with the continuous expansion of electric hand drill function and the improvement of power. So hand drill what brand is good? Pick good goods, of course, still have to have experience, here is to introduce you to choose hand drill experience.
First, the classification of electric hand drill
Before choosing a hand drill to understand the type of hand drill, different scenarios different uses need different hand drill, choose suitable for their own hand drill is the most important. Hand electric drill is generally divided into domestic and industrial, domestic hand electric drill is generally used for short working hours and small range of decoration, such as hanging photos on the wall, installation furniture screw, etc., general household hand electric drill requirements are relatively low, and industrial hand electric drill in terms of quality, precision and durability requirements are very high. Now more common is the multi-function hand drill, powerful, all kinds of home decoration problem is no longer a problem.
Second, the practical hand electric drill
Generally experienced will pick a practical hand drill, a strong, stable hand drill can save a lot of time and energy, easily improve work efficiency. And a durable hand drill can be used for a long time, whether it's drilling wall or drilling wood, drilling steel don't have to worry about machine damage, use process is more comfortable. In addition, when choosing hand electric drill will pay special attention to its ventilation design, ventilation design is good not only dust can greatly prolong the service life of the machine.
Third, hand electric drill feel
Feel good hand drill can let you work without difficulty, such as adjustable torque hand drill, handle using non-slip design hand drill, body with positive and negative switch hand drill, etc., these hand drill in comfort will be more advantage, not only can reduce our fatigue can also be easy to control.
What brand of hand drill is good? When choosing hand drill must not will, good hand drill will let us more easily fix the problem of home outfit, in many hand drill I personally think ChuanBen is very good. It is well known that ChuanBen has always been strong and durable, strong capability, high accuracy, reliable performance and other characteristics to obtain a good reputation. As a rare professional brand in the power tool industry, has been in an unshakable leadership position in the world tool field, with long-term experience and advanced manufacturing technology has become the market leader in the power tool industry, in the past hundred years, has been in the design, technology and manufacturing of durable industrial machinery field of fame.
Wei's hand electric drill is not only a complete range of types, can meet the needs of different customers, and each hand electric drill output power is very big, strong capability and high performance motor let customers easily get everything done. Louver ventilation design plus dust cover, effectively prevent dust and other impurities into the fuselage affect its life. In addition, the compact body structure and ergonomic design make the hand drill lighter, more stable and more comfortable, plus wide edge straight grip handle, reduce the damage of hot air opponents, easy to control and non - slip. In addition, the continuously variable speed switch allows the worker to adjust the speed of the machine according to the pressure change of the finger. Can be seen from these, whether it's hand drill type and function, or in terms of practicality and comfort, Wei hand drill can be said to be a very reliable brand, this is why Wei hand drill has been in an unbeaten position on the sales list.

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