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choose the marble cutter [2018-03-02]

By a cutting machine of marble stone group, conveyor, positioning guide plate and a machine frame, marble machine adopts iron suitable for dry cutting, wet cutting all kinds of stone, building materials, ceramic tile, granite, marble, cement, brick, refractory brick, home decoration is the necessary weapon. Marble cutting machine can be respectively in different depth on the stone, can be processed, for less than 1 cubic meters of stone can greatly save the stone resources, turning waste into treasure, but also conducive to protect the environment, and the effective use of small stone, which can reduce the production cost, today I have to look at how to buy Marble cutter, and marble cutter what brand is good.
We should pay attention to several problems in the purchase of marble machine: first, because the marble machine is the national certification mandatory product certification Commission regulations, so at the time of purchase, to check whether the product has 3C marking, inspection method for general, whether in packaging tools or tools of the nameplate on the 3C secondly, before the purchase of signs; we must first distinguish marble machine at home or with professional, professional and general household tools usually differ in power, large power tools for professional use, to facilitate professionals to reduce the workload, the general household tools because the project is small, the workload is relatively small, so the input power tools don't need much; finally to the attention of the packaging machine to observe the marble, the packaging should be clear pattern, not broken, open the box on the marble machine View, the color should be uniform, no obvious effect of plastic wire surface and dent, no scratch or bump traces, assembling dislocation between parts of 0.5mm shell, aluminum casting coating is smooth and beautiful without defects, the surface shall be free from dirt and stains. When holding hands, the feeling of self feels better and the handle of the switch should be smooth.
When it comes to marble machine what brand is good, that you have to talk about the Chuanben brand, occupy half of the country has become a global tool manufacturer, trusted by consumers tool manufacturer. Chuanben marble machine is the design details, provides good experience for consumers, first in the "heart" of the location, choose the motor copper, using this special material, not only greatly reduce the work noise, but also effectively prolong the service life of the machine; as a cutting machine, it can adjust the depth is also popular, high precision 0 - 44 mm depth adjustment, sufficient to meet the various needs of the cutting depth; and the body design reasonable also makes it more easy to carry, not because the machine is heavy and feel it is a burden; and of course DEWALT as an intimate the tool manufacturer, to the security problem is in the first place, lock the switch button, not only increase the service life of the machine, the operator, security is greatly improved.

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