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Chuan Ben drill series recognized by foreign guests [2013-09-04]


Electric drill is the most powerful tool is the first of a new force , therefore, the general power tool manufacturers mostly started to drill production begins , Sichuan Ben tool is no exception, in addition to practical power tool product well beyond the , Sichuan Ben boutique drill is endless .
During the fair , the intention would be willing to accept a strong foreign power tool manufacturers invited to visit the factory , and in fact, during a visit to a better understanding of the power tool company product performance in recent days , the company's sales department is always power tools there are foreign and out of the company's common foreign guests drill series soft spot. few days off, then drill the intention of orders reached 300 million people, of course, in fact, such as : angle grinder, cutting machines , electric circular saw, planer, hammer, hammer , engraving machine , trimming machine , die grinders, jig saw , sander , suction hair dryer , vacuum cleaner and other power tools have also been popular.
Chuan Ben always believe that only good products to make dealers who get real benefits .

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