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CHUAN BEN electric tool pray for the earthquake victims of Lu Dian YUNNAN Province [2014-08-04]

   On August 3,Lu Dian YUNNAN happened 6 point 5 magnititude earthquake at four o'clock thirty in the
afternoon.Some netizens said, YiBIN Si Chuan province, Chongqing was strong in kunming.Until 7 o'clock
today,the earthquake has caused 379 people were killed and 1881 people were injured.All the people all
over the country prayed for the people of disaster areas.Armed police soldiers were dispatched for
disaster relief.At this moment, everyone together pray that the safety of the people in disaster area.
      Here,CHUAN BEN tell you some self-help guide during the earthquake:
      Survival strategy: it empty place to run quickly, avoid tall buildings or danger.
      Save your strategy: choose the her hand on her head to avoid such as kitchen, don't use the elevator,
don't jump off a building.
      Medevac after earthquake relief: help, first.Do CPR first, and then to trauma care.
      Psychological reconstruction: listen to the victims of the emotion, respect the pace of recovery.
      Let us pray for the people in the disaster area.Harmony against the disaster and rebuild their homes.

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