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Chuan Ben Electric Tools congratulations to everyone happy Chinese valentine's day [2014-08-02]

     Today is Chinese lunar July 7th what is Chinese valentine's day.The festival comes from the legend of niulang and  zhinv.Because the ancient women's hope to vega for example.So every Chinese valentine's day, they offered a sacrifice unto vega, pray for ingenuity, get a happy marriage.This is the most romantic
traditional Chinese festival holiday.
       In ancient Chinese valentine's day that day, there are various customs.For example,The children in
the day of the Tanabata picking wild flowers hanging on the horn, also called "royal cow
birthday".Because legend has it that the queen in the tianhe after separate the gigolo knit, the old cow
to see vega cowherd can across the Milky Way, let the cowherd to dig down its skin, driving its leather
to see vega.People to commemorate the sacrifice of the old cow, there is the custom of "royal cow
birthday".Vega worship ceremony,In moonlight hem a table, the table buy tea, wine, fruit, abital
(longan, red jujube, hazelnuts, peanuts, melon seeds), such as offering;A few flowers, bouquet of red
paper in the bottle, preceded by a little incense burner.Then after bathing girl.young woman talking
will be at the desk and worship fairy mountain together.There is also the proper fruit of delicious what
be made of flour, sugar and honey.There are all kinds of pattern.
        In such a special day,Our CHUAN BEN all staff wish you happy Chinese valentine's day.

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