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Chuan Ben electric tools to take you to focus on the situation of haze [2015-12-03]

Since the beginning of winter this year, Beijing PM2.5 continuous burst table, severe haze in Beijing, as the night the day. Haze is the result of the interaction between the specific climate conditions and human activities. High density population of economic and social activities is bound to emit a large number of fine particles (PM 2.5), once the discharge exceeds atmospheric circulation capacity and carrying capacity, fine particulate matter concentrations will continue to accumulate, at this point if subject to the impact of static and stable weather, a large range of haze. Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter is the main composition of the haze, which makes the haze for health hazards, including the nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, endocrine system damage.
Protect environment, responsibility. This sentence is everyone for having heard it many times. But in today's social science and technology environment is very difficult to do. Haze inside the toxicant comes mainly from vehicle exhaust, northern winter heating waste gas, industrial production and emissions of exhaust gas, construction sites and road traffic generated dust, environmental protection, science and technology needs to develop. We must in ordinary life to protect the environment and save resources.
To remind you once again Chuanben power tools: Protect environment, responsibility.

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