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CHUAN BEN Household impact electric drill [2014-08-21]

         Impact drill now has become make known to every family of the machine, everyone knows he is essential in electric tool, electric drills impact what he can use it to?
Then Xiaobian tell you use electric impact drill, some effects and impact electric drill, impact drill is the so-called household electric impact drill, it can be rotating cutting, impact mechanism with the operators thrust producing impact force, electric tool for brick, brick and light wall material drilling. It can be used for natural stone or concrete., they are general, because they can use the "single drill" mode, you can also use "drill" mode, so the professionals and do it yourself, it is the basic electric tool worth choosing. It has very powerful function, but in the normal in daily life, electric drills impact role has not been playing largest limit. At this time, Chinese character design of the impact electric drill greatly enhance the impact drill itself value and personality.
         Chuan ben electric tools, household electric impact drill to meet customer and market demand, will be customized, a large number of requests to win customers, improve the price impact electric drill, impact drill let Sichuan ran electric tool can get the satisfaction of customers, market stability!

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