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Chuan Ben how to made with high-quality power tools [2013-08-26]


First, Chuan Ben tools adhere to their own grasp motor technology , only high -quality power tools talent with outstanding motor high quality power tools. Most of the electric motor is the core of the tool . High quality power tools work , low noise, high output power , providing high torque , job stability, strong anti-overload . Do not underestimate the internal motor , rotor, stator , coil , small powerful motor learning big. Poor market pistol drill, ten minutes of continuous operation , the machine can already smell the burnt smell vaguely road , but by the Chuan Ben tool manufacturing high quality power tools are all right 30 minutes of continuous operation .
Second , Chuan Ben tools adhere to the scientific design, high quality power tools that from the inside to the outside is a mechanical art. Everyone should understand the product design not only looks better , more for the actual performance improvements, a simple function may be able to express a thoughtful design . Seize control of the overall design for the integration of ergonomic contour design , the same gun type is the traditional shape still a lot of room for improvement , including some of the design can reduce the operator's accident . Using moderate hardness of the rubber grip, or the use of composite materials, can buffer and absorb some of the vibrations. Vice- handle design is conducive to strengthening the control of the tool .Science duct design is conducive to the motor cooling, and enhanced stability. Large switch button design is suitable for users with gloves .
Third , strict procurement aspects of high quality power tool accessories . Various parts of the power tool accessories are an integral part of the work , only the same high -quality power tool accessories to ensure the performance of normal play. Of course, in addition to high quality, we also have to test them with degrees between batches , as if we were doing the same thing required before teamwork , accessories running between the weight is heavy . So, in the procurement process , Chuan Ben tools strict customs inspection outside the Association , on the inferior parts no punches . Like drill, drill power tool will affect the quality of the overall performance.

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