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Chuan Ben Power Tools increasingly market influence [2013-09-29]


In order to better develop domestic and international markets , Chuan Ben power tools manufacturer and distributor of more focus on technological innovation , quality win, to consolidate and expand new markets . Therefore , Sichuan Ben power tool market brand awareness and brand effect is more obvious , a lot of little strength and size of power tools dealers , all of the power tools Sichuan Ben showed high enthusiasm. Just recently, Foshan and Kunming , have wanted to do more for the customer calls the state animal husbandry brand dealers , Sichuan Ben tool to further strengthen the competitiveness of the market .
Power tools market matures. After several years of cultivation , Yongkang electric tool industry has formed many of its own brands and own brand , especially a number of well-known power tool brands, such as broad, Randa , three Feng , Sichuan Ben, animal husbandry and other states , has been in my Province and our leading position in the power tool industry fade . Can expect that these brands in orderly competitive environment will be healthier, more rapid growth , we have witnessed the growth of Chuan Ben .
And as manufacturers continue to attach importance to corporate brand building , investments in technology, develop new products , electric tools industry to achieve a small power tools from a single product to a diversified , large-scale, modern , large-scale , innovative technology for electric tools series product direction , and quickly occupied the market ground , Chuan Ben Power Tools will also be moving in that direction.

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