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CHUAN BEN POWER TOOLS wish you have a happy Mid-Autumn festival [2014-09-09]

           In the Mid-Autumn festival,Everyone together to eat the mooncake to celebrate together.Do

you know the origin of the Mid-Autumn festival?In China there is a myth that a hero named HOUYI

and his wife due to eat the heavenly queen gave the fairy medicine to fly on the moon.It is

August 15 that day, the moon is big and bright.HOUYI returned home found it feel sad, then every

August 15 is placed under the banquet on the moon and the goddess of the moon together.This is a

wonderful fairy tale,right?
               When the Mid-Autumn festival is coming,we have a lot of custome activities.For

example,Praying to the moon,Lighting lanterns,guessing,Osmanthus drink and eat mooncake.Some

places have formed many special Mid-Autumn festival customs.In addition to the moon, the month,

eat moon cakes, and Hong Kong dragon dance, anhui of pagoda tree Mid-Autumn festival, guangzhou,

wang jinjiang fever tower, suzhou existing shek wu see list of month, dai, miao worship month

TiaoYue, dong to steal the moon dish, gaoshan ball dance and so on.
              After the short Mid-Autumn festival holiday, people began to busy,Here,CHUAN BEN POWER

TOOLS prompt you, and then to work hard.

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