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Chuan Ben promise:Integrity in the face of the customer [2015-03-16]

In recent days,ShangHai FU XI was exposured to use expired raw material processing.On July 22th,Acordding to the ORriental TV report"Startinh at noon on July 21,investigator has carried on the interview to the relevant person in charge of fu xi factory.Factory quality manager said that outstanding for the use of raw material, is directed by the senior site directly company policy over the years has always been so.According to the reflection to investigators, such behavior at least need to factory director leadership agreed to, such as burgers production has always been the product can be added directly defective materials.
    In the company of a customer list, the reporter sees, three pieces of A4 paper for recording the nearly 150 companies, including McDonald's, KFC, starbucks, ikea, etc., covering Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, tianjin, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong and so on more than 20 provinces and cities, Shanghai food and drug administration has contact with general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, please companies themselves.
     The most important thing is that these brand are domestic and international famous brands,they represent the integrity and quality.Exposure of the incident shows that for their product quality control is not enough, not good faith of customers.
     In this, our Chuan Ben commitment:strict procurement aspects of high quality power tool accessories .Integrity in the face of the customer,Bringing customers high-quality electric tools products and enthusiastic treat to solve customer's problems.

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