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Chuan Ben teach you to create a method bayberry juice [2013-06-07]


ChuanBen Power tools Remind you pay attention to heatstroke in summer
1, the bayberry with salt water soak 1 hour , rinse under running water
2 , into the pot ( can wok steamed pots ) will pour all the sugar and salt and mix well marinated two hours or more
3 , even the pots together into the steamer ( my pot is relatively high if placed back into the steam curtain not on the lid , I put the water directly into the pot , the effect is also very good ) cover with lid big fire boil , steam for 25 minutes medium
4 , the bayberry and gravy poured hot oil anhydrous dry cool bottle cap tightening desirable to use ( ie hot bottling can hold longer, save more than 10 days can be refrigerated , but simply open the lid on finished as soon as possible
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