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CHUAN BEN tell you how to choose and buy electric tools. [2014-09-06]

        Now,many people like DIY their own furniture.Do you know which electric maybe

think if high power is good,so let the editor tell you how to choose and buy electric tools.
        Electric tools of choose and buy should pay attention to the following points: one is

according to the need of choose and buy family use and professional use tools.Usually

professional and family use commonly the difference in power tools, a professional tool power is

larger, reduce the workload for professionals, in a common family with small tools by the

project, the workload is relatively small, so the tools of the input power, also do not need a

lot.Secondly, tool design of the outer packing should be clear, there is no damaged, solid

plastic box, plastic buckles should be durable.With, with the hand grip tools, processing power,

frequent operation switch, make the tool is frequent starting, observe whether tools switch on

and off function is reliable.At the same time observe the scene of the TV set, fluorescent lamp

to see if there is abnormal phenomenon, in order to confirm whether the tool is equipped with

effective radio interference suppressor.Finally, tools to operate a minute, runtime with the hand

grip, the hand should not feel any abnormal vibration, observe the commutation spark, the

commutation spark should not exceed 2 level, usually from a tool into FengKouChu look in the

commutator surface should be no obvious arc.When running, should all normal noise.

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