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Chuan Ben tool take a new series--Huazhong [2014-03-18]


At the Shanghai show above , many customers are in cooperation with Sichuan BOND become. They say the biggest gain is that the first to get the right Huazhong brand dealers .
Huazhong Chuan Ben 's family is another home improvement brands for wholesale , relative husbandry state series, not so full . Huazhong launch, will inevitably bring about the state animal husbandry brands in the market influence. Animal husbandry is the flagship brand of the state is still Chuan Ben tools, our customers can have two brand manufacturers do promotion. This is for customers , sales channels and product structure above , is a very powerful upgrade , so that they more dominant in the market.
Huazhong Series, is bound to cause a river Ben manufacturers selling large peak , there are already a lot of customers at the show scored a deposit , the goods are intense preparation . Customer needs Huazhong price list , please hurry into the phone consultation, the first to win the district right dealer , the first to occupy the market . Toll Free :400 -6388010

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