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Chuan Ben tools, 18 days to break 400,000 is not a dream ! [2014-02-26]


Open since 2014 , the Chuan Ben has been booming power tools results in just 18 days time, the clerk sales exceeded 400,000 .
More and more customers entered into a collaboration with ChuanBen , a sense of trust in increasing. More and more customers are willing to deposit the full amount even come in to play , which for us is a huge encouragement manufacturers , shows that our products have been fully recognized by customers , explain our products in the market, a significant advantage .
In the coming months ,Chuan Ben power tools will be more innovative high up in the results , but also not fall services. Customers cooperation with Chuan Ben tool, you put doubts down worried. We bring you the peace of mind of other manufacturers can not match , we have excellent customer service , outstanding sales team , it has a comprehensive after-sales support .
Chuan Ben Sales representatives of all plant employees thanks customers for their support and recognition, Chuan Ben will continue to work hard .
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