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Chuanben angle grinder manufacturer tell u angle grinder knowledge [2015-09-19]

1.Angle mill speed slow heating smoke how to repair?
The heating smoke is burned is generally brush commutator, the pressure is not enough. When the work of the motor. If the current sustained great, carbon brush wear quickly, a long time, shorter carbon brush, the pressure becomes small contact resistance is large, this time the surface of the commutator hair.
If it is the winding part of the burn, the angle grinder in the work of the workpiece pressure is great, the friction is great, the motor is in a state of overload time is too long. Because the current is too large.
First, armature short circuit, repair armature
Second, brush and commutator contact, replace the carbon brush
2.Constant speed and variable speed type grinder grinder what advantages and disadvantages of each?
Constant speed relates to the duty ratio is different under the pressure of work speed current consumption is not the same speed is reduced voltage current to speed of if in the low speed when load it is easy to temperature burn-in (flux) soft start is not immediately maximum speed is slowly fast about benefits in about 2 seconds is not instantaneous voltage protection machine and soft start of the benefits is that if the angle grinder sheet is clamped the transfer did not automatically shut down if not much advice directly soft if diagonal mill stability requirements suggest high purchase 607 single-mode technology angle grinder is very stable very vigorously
3.What is the speed of the angle grinder?
The design speed of the angle grinder is relatively high, so that the finish of the workpiece can be improved. However, if it is higher than normal, it is possible that your input voltage is too high.


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