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Chuanben can solve any problem for the electric tool wholesalers [2015-11-12]

Recently pick up the electric tool wholesalers, we hope that our Chuanben tool for the design of better marketing programs 
and cooperation model, so that it is ready to do marketing, service. As the electric tool manufacturers we clearly understand 
to solve the urgent need to solve the wholesalers, to make cooperation more long-term, Sichuan Ben has been to serve the 
electric tools wholesalers, electric tools to join, so that they can establish long-term stable money effect.
The main confusion at present electric tool wholesalers:
First. The original manufacturers or manufacturers have their own brand effect, have abandoned the dealer to, directly to 
consumers under a single, this recruit bridges let dealers suffered, because without a stable model of cooperation so as to 
establish wholesalers downstream distributors can not get a stable supply, it is not enough class;
Second. Existing brand clutter, no flagship brands, did not show the brand effect, no grades, do allow customers to have a 
photographic memory, allowing customers to remember their own, choose more of other brands;
Third. The fierce competition in the market, because there is no brand effect, even selling a brand new problem. In fact, more 
confusion, Chuanben electric tools have wholesalers think, in cooperation with Chuanben, you can easily find, these 
problems will not be a problem, Chuanben acts as a power tool in cooperation with customers in is not just to sell more 
products to sell to sell ideas, marketing, Sichuan Ben believe that only allow wholesalers who earn money is king, rather 
than because the product price dispute is not clear, in the Chuanben family because of the good cooperation mechanism, 
dealers to focus more on how to recommend good products to the consumer, if well after sale service to promote the two 
pay, positive happy sale, let the electric tools wholesalers, electric tools franchisee are happy to make money, and learn and 
grow up, become the real big boss.

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