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Chuanben Cutting machine replacement parts and use [2015-07-29]

( 1 ) installation, removal cut pieces
Remember : Before replacing the cutting blade , making adjustments , unplug from the mains .
Under the plate, cutting discs and turn on the pressure plate fixed to the output shaft is fixed on the plate with open-end wrench , tighten the hex bolts with a socket wrench , cutting pieces installed.
  Installation cut sheet , so that the tool shown in arrow direction shown by an arrow on the cut surface of the same sheet .
  Conversely above order cut pieces can be removed .
( 2 ) to adjust the depth of cut
     Loosen the thumb screws to pull the bottom , adjust to the required depth and tighten the thumb screws .
( 3 ) switch is used
Note: Before you plug into the power required to check the switch trigger action button is flexible and self-locking pop-up state.
       Press the switch trigger tool starts . Release the trigger tool shutdown.
       Press the switch trigger , self- lock button is pressed , then the trigger is released , the tool is in continuous operation . Press the switch trigger after the trigger is released , the tool is turned off.
( 4 ) Replace the brushes
      Tool during operation or when stopped large sparks brushes should be replaced .
      Brush with a screwdriver unscrew the cap and remove the carbon brushes wear install new brushes and confirm brushes slide freely in the hole , then tighten the brush cover.
      Be sure to also replace the two brushes and use the original brushes .

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