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Chuanben drill to break through the market quality [2015-11-21]

Electric drills Chuanben is we launched a series of electric products, known as a new brand to open up the market, should have his own superiority, for example: shell colors, brand name, buy has the preferential benefit, to provide good service, let the customer after sales issues security and so on some characteristics or a sales strategy.
Chuanben drill is in is to open up the market of this batch of products, prior to the introduction, we want to break the head has been in thinking, in the end what will easier to make products in the market to open the market. For new products and a new brand, these are some of the only way to test the product, this time can also test the quality of a product as well as the manufacturer's in the end is not hard enough, can not smooth the product to the market. Parties to the comprehensive consideration Chuanben electric tools electric drill series of decisions to the quality of the market, after the launch, the reaction is not strong our sales staff to a lot of marketing way, eventually took some accessories and display such as giving way, as follows:
Dealers can get a unified national minimum ex factory price, saving cost center, enjoy support advertising company can in Baidu map annotation dealer information, donated another three display rack and a pair of 20 square metres of advertisement printing support to dealers, to facilitate market. After this method is still subject to the introduction of a lot of attention, in the country have opened a part of the market, and the rest will be more slowly accumulation and promotion.

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