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Chuanben Electric tool factory held a meeting for serve customers [2016-01-09]

Today, because of the poor working condition of the sales staff of Sichuan electric tools, the supervisor is angry with us for the reason of the soft. So the Department Supervisor immediately decided to hold the meeting this evening, the soft writing problems.
The meeting has just begun, the director of the serious criticism of the problems we have soft, rebuke us to treat soft Wen attitude is not correct is not respect for the customer. She said: "soft Wen is for customers to see, you are so deal with the customer? Customer attitude is not correct as the biggest failure of the sales staff." Next, director told us of the soft material can be from where to get, what kind of title can cause the customers interest, what kind of soft Wen can be truly called soft and lacking in our soft things, and so on.
After the meeting, we of soft writing material, the title and content have further understanding, through the charge of criticism we also recognize their mistakes, and modified the previously written does not conform to the requirements of the soft, correct their mistakes, enhance mutual solution of the soft writing.

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