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Chuanben electric tool factory to enhance the quality of the market to seize the market [2015-12-23]

By the foreign trade situation is not an ideal impact, Chuanben electric tools to focus on the domestic electric tools market, and actively carry out market development. Some production enterprises themselves have been in the domestic sales advantages, but also need to play their own advantages, continuous innovation.

Although the demand in the domestic market is far less than the international market, but the demand is still small, most of them are professional type of electric tools, the price can produce an ideal economic benefits, so as electric tool manufacturers need to pay attention to product quality, and constantly consolidate and expand market share. Due to the domestic electric tools market is more focused on the quality and brand of electric tools, so whether it is the electric tool dealers or direct users need to focus on the quality of electric tools. Only product quality is good to be able to really do not worry about sales.

The quality of electric tools for domestic users is increasing, especially for product efficiency, weight and life. With the construction industry, quality of homebred and dynamoelectric tool is mainly Dianchui easy fever, continuous working time is short, small electric hammer impact force, vibration, the operator should be forced pressure to depth, drill bit is easy to wear, is easy to break. In order to further expand the domestic and foreign markets, electric tools production enterprises more focus on product innovation, quality and survival, so that the new product development and effective consolidation of the market. When the electric tool production enterprise production of products, more and more good, naturally there are dealers willing to participate in cooperation.

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