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ChuanBen electric tools are the primary policy is to ensure product quality, the pursuit of custom [2017-08-30]

ChuanBen tools to ensure the quality of supply stability, best-selling, adequate supply of styles, long sent a rich industry experience of the Commissioner stationed upstream production enterprises, in-depth line, in the production of the source to control quality. Relying on strong enterprise strength and channel advantages, select the best integrated marketing, customized production. Dozens of power tools brand, to reach a shop to ten stores marketing scale. The new model, new tools Rumbaut impact and influence is the shock of the electric tool business model.

To ensure the product quality, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is the primary principle of Lambeau electric tools. In quality management, from raw materials, parts of the factory inspection to product safety inspection factory, the whole process has professional and technical personnel strict checks, to ensure product quality first-class. ChuanBen electric tools with keen market insight and creativity, is committed to providing the most reliable and stable performance of the electric tool products, continue to create the best value for customers, employees self development achievements, social responsibility. With excellent product performance and good market reputation, the company has always been committed to become China's best professional power tool manufacturers. Let national brands, power tools products applied to every corner of the world.

ChuanBen invested construction product management center, we have a huge sales network, rapid logistics system, the logistics volume strong make the product cost is greatly reduced; hundreds of varieties, to meet the different levels of consumption; Everfount for dealers will offer a variety of fashion products, daily new, leisurely innovative, constantly updated goods shelves, electric tools provide a variety of different price, to ensure that every product with low price is lower than the general market supply, sale price, so the product to the market will have the obvious price advantage.

Electric tool terminal industry has its own characteristics, ChuanBen senior marketing expert group full escort, rich market integration experience and marketing skills of science, to the dealer to impart a full set of store management experience, marketing strategy, teaching how to quickly occupy the local market, to avoid detours, can get a multiplier effect guidance; headquarters location, the dealer stores early forecast, risk assessment, staff training, course, solve the difficulties encountered in the business, scientific, rigorous, thoughtful and responsible attitude for dealers to provide comprehensive quality services to ensure efficient operation.

ChuanBen power tools will be "quality tools, excellence" for the enterprise mission, innovation, for domestic and foreign users to provide the best quality products and most satisfactory service.

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