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Chuanben electric tools concerned about the recent terrorist attacks [2015-11-19]

Late November 13, 2015, a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, France, killing at least 132 people were killed. Since then, France and Corsica into a state of emergency, all the countries in the world have condemned the terrorist attacks, expressed support and condolences to the people of France and the 
French, French President Francois Hollande said Paris was an unprecedented terrorist attack, the country entered the state of emergency. U.S. President Barack Obama on the Paris terrorist attacks, said, this is a terrorist attack against the whole mankind. Hollande: address to the nation, condemned the Islamic state organized and planned a terrorist attack in Paris case, and said the terrorist attacks as "an act of war" and system organized by the overseas is planning to implement, the French domestic forces to assist. In November 16, 2015, Hollande will hold a special meeting in the French parliament, and will set up 3 days of mourning.
Progress of the investigation, the sources said, an eye lower part of the body in Syria of Moroccan origin Belgium men suspected of being behind the attacks. The man from the Belgian capital Brussels suburb mollenbeck. There is more than participate in Paris series of terrorist attack incidents of terrorist residence, a man named Abdul - Hamid Abaud, believed to be extremist organization Isis internal attacks the most active planning of.
And ISIS yesterday claimed to have killed two people in China and Norway, and released two photos. IS was released in September 9th, two people were kidnapped for ransom, the Chinese hostage for a freelance consultant in Beijing, called JINGHUI FAN". Foreign Ministry responded that, has been trying to carry out rescue work, the information is deeply shocked, will further verify the relevant circumstances.

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