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CHUANBEN electric tools series benefits shipping companies [2014-12-06]

1. ChuanBen power tools for 17 years has been to Shanghai , Ningbo, Qingdao , Qinhuangdao , Tianjin and other shipping companies
Offers 59 power tools products, and 100% customer praise praise !
2 , the face of a voltage of 110V , you do not need large quantities of customization can be achieved small orders and commitments for 3-5 days
Shipped to you within achieve 0 inventory warehousing , inventory cost savings ;
3 , we also prepare for the shipping company specializing in OEM customers a customized service for our customers to increase brand awareness , increase
Plus customer viscosity, and free image and logo design package .
4, for the shipping company 59 series of electric tools , we are committed to give you three months of the motor replacement, one year warranty on the entire free service .

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