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ChuanBen group: the world's best power tool [2017-08-27]

Zhejiang province is located in Yongkang City Economic and Technological Development Zone of Sichuan run electric tools to firmly establish the development strategy of leading brands, rely on international talent strong innovation ability, the successful implementation of the transformation from the wonderful distribution company of a foreign trade to innovative manufacturing enterprises.

At present, this new engraving machine is the flagship product of woodworking power tools, which has been developed for several years and has little noise and no pollution. As a transformative product of the woodworking industry, it has become a very popular star product in the mainstream market in Southeast Asia at present. This year, the market size of this series of products will reach US $100 million.

Kan, vice president of North America's OBM marketing team, said it was the world's first powered by lithium batteries, representing the world's highest technical level of woodworking power tools. As the world's leading power tool enterprises, carpentry series is an outstanding enterprise innovation and R & D strength of the embodiment.

High end woodworking products have always been the dominant areas of Japan and Southeast Asian countries. What can be used as a "power tool" or "leader"? And what gives it enough self-confidence, in the foreign brand led overseas markets, firmly launched from its own brand, and no longer "backdoor sales"?

Sichuan run electric tools woodworking tools chief engineer Peter Lin said, the development of new products need to be aware of the real market, the future of the market, so the top talent needs of all countries, Sichuan run electric tools very early to see this point, gathered from Germany, the United States, Japan's more than 300 international talent team, is only responsible for the development of international woodworking tools expert group series have more than 60 people.

It is difficult to imagine that today is the world's electric machinery manufacturing industry leader of the Sichuan electric power tools, in 1997, when it started, it was only a small enterprise specializing in electrical machinery. Selling "made in China" is the main task of Sichuan electric power tool. However, soon, because of an opportunity, its development trajectory has a big turning point.

Chuan Ben electric tools chairman Mr.Zhuo said that when talking about the price, the customer is doing his best to lower prices, a very important reason is that product quality is not good, this is very exciting for us. When we came back, we decided to do the best.

Be sure to enhance the quality and image of Chinese made, playing China's own brand, Mr.Zhuo said, it is with such national pride and self-confidence, the decision layer rushed to lead the enterprise to adjust the course. In 1997, Chuan rushed into the field of production. With new goals, what should we do? Overseas hard work experience, so that the importance of high-end talent enterprises have more profound understanding than peers. Hire the top R & D personnel from Germany, from Japan to dig the industry best engineers, set up R & D center in the United States, a sophisticated multinational team gathered in Sichuan Ben's arm, and laid a solid foundation for independent research and development and production of high quality. So 08 years when the financial crisis hit, talent build innovation strength for the young Ben Sichuan show a strong anti risk ability: the decline in traditional product orders 25%, independent research and development of the electric hammer because only, actually at that time the weak market to sell off the goods, to help enterprises in the middle of 2009 on the realization of bottoming out.

Today, from to electric industry overlord Dr. veteran contend with "Wood Tools" series, at home and abroad to the quality of the leading "big" and "strong" series, Sichuan rushed to innovation as the background of the brand development road wider and wider. 1-7 months, enterprise sales revenue compared to last year to achieve two digit growth.

MrZhuo, chairman of Chuan electric tools, said that providing long-term, continuous, innovative products is a very, very important foundation for a product - oriented company. After a long period of effort, China's enterprises should also have the confidence and the ability to do the best in the world and to be a leader in the world.

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