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ChuanBen introduced new power tools [2013-11-07]


The term originated in the Latin innovation , meaning : ① update ; ② create something new ; ③ changed. Innovation is the essence of a breakthrough , breaking the old concept , the old way of thinking , the old rhythm and create new things. Innovation for any business, no one product has a pivotal position . Only innovation can keep up with the pace of the times , in order not to be forgotten by the world .
As we all know , Iphone4 to the emergence of mobile phone industry has brought tremendous impact , no one will question whether such innovations are successful, it 's popularity proves everything . And in the power tool industry there is also such an innovation, " giant ", which satisfy the user in order to achieve the highest expectations of the latest product innovation, professional technology services for professionals , it is a new brand of Chuan Ben power tools.
Chuan Ben company produced electric tool has a leading technology and quality , and in China to provide a full range of tools products, including hand drill , impact drill , hammer , hammer , grinder , polishing machine, cutting machine , jig saw , marble machines, and vacuum cleaners . Bosch has also recently introduced a number of technological innovations , new products , allowing users to better meet the high demands of the job .
Variety of new power -type series of tools , both from body or power has been greatly improved. More compact form factor, more powerful motor will satisfy your needs under different operating conditions , so that the efficiency can be further improved.

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