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CHUANBEN POWER TOOL praying for "star of the Yangtze river" accident victims [2015-06-08]

On June 1 night, The ferry called "Oriental star "beforehand in Yangtze river waters.Rescue work continues, not a moment to stop The armed police officers and soldiers in the rain night repair relief channel to life
On June 3, search and rescue scope expanded to the downstream wuhan new beach Hubei jianli, ordinary people to form a yellow ribbon team duty reception of the sinking of the passengers families on June 3, on the evening of 21 PM, after 48 hours beforehand passenger ships, crews began cutting operation was carried out on the hull.
On June 4, part of the family members rushed to the river in the rain Spontaneous private enterprises to participate in the rescue The national hundreds of medical experts in treating late on June 4, people spontaneously praying for "star of the east" passengers early morning 7 PM on June 5, hull righting work official start
On June 5, 9 6 points, star of the "Oriental" to achieve the overall centralizer at 4 PM on June 5, "the east star began lifting on June 5, about 7, star of the" Oriental "hull basic water On June 6, partial to river family worship offering passengers' families
June 7, "the first seven". At 9 PM, star of the "Oriental" fishing scene held a memorial ceremony on June 7, part of the ICU wounded transferred to ordinary ward.

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