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CHUANBEN POWER TOOL remind everyone to prevent MERS [2015-06-08]

The respiratory syndrome in the Middle East, there is no specific treatment and vaccines, understand the basic knowledge of the disease, for prevention is the key
1, should maintain good personal hygiene and sanitation; Do wash your hands often and avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth by hand directly; Try to avoid close contact with respiratory infection symptoms personnel (such as fever, cough, runny nose, etc.); Suggested that as far as possible when go out wearing masks; Try to avoid stay in crowded field, director of the time.
2, keep a balanced diet should be paid attention to during the trip, adequate rest, maintain good physical condition, avoid excessive overworked; Pay attention to diet health; Live or travel should keep indoor or transportation inside the air circulation. Older people, especially those with basic diseases should pay attention to their health.
3, try to avoid to animal breeding, slaughtering, meat products trading places, and wildlife habitat; Avoid direct contact with animals and animal excrement.
4, when symptoms of respiratory tract infection, should be timely medical treatment. Ill, should try to avoid close contact with other personnel, should wear a face mask when in close contact with others; With a tissue when coughing or sneezing, towels, etc. Cover your nose and mouth, and will pollute the tissue paper properly disposed of; Should wash their hands thoroughly after sneezing, coughing or cleaning the nose.
5, in immigration have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, the personnel of the acute respiratory symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, should take the initiative to situation to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine agencies to declare, and comply with the health and quarantine departments to carry out the investigation and relevant medical examination.
6 and returned within 14 days, if symptoms of acute respiratory infections, it shall timely treatment, see a doctor should wear masks and avoid taking public transport to a hospital. Initiative to inform the staff of the recent travel history and in the local history of exposure, in order to get the diagnosis and treatment in time.

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