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CHUANBEN POWER TOOL wish students the university entrance exam success [2015-06-08]

FIRST, how to spend the last day of the exam
1, the smooth transition is the important condition to guarantee level play.
2, don't sleep too early, do not stay up late again.
3, just before bed, eat less food of a few help to hypnosis.
4, review the basic knowledge, see simulation test or composition.
5, counting test items (black pen, ensure the quality of 2 b pencil, watches, eraser, the university entrance exam admission ticket to unity in a clear bag, and in the obvious place, avoid test are busy looking for, affect the mood of the examinee.)
Second, the matters that should be paid attention to test day
1, get up early (between 7:00-7:30) scan test notes, key formula, the key theorem and use.
2, pay attention to the nutrition breakfast, there shall be no big change, had better the same way as usual.
3, to the examination room should have a certain degree (15 ~ 20 minutes) in advance, in case the road resistance.
4, before ten minutes should avoid laughing and playing, sit down for a minute or stationery.
Third, how do you spend between two exam
1, learn to quickly forget a examination, and draw lessons, adjust strategy, never regret and cannot extricate oneself.
2, make the transfer of thinking, thinking in the knowledge and problem-solving skills for a period of preheating.
3, pay attention to rest, and diet.
4, doing moderate exercise easily, such as walking and stretching exercises, but must avoid violent sports like basketball, football, avoid physical injury.
5, to prepare for the next exam, main notice at ordinary times is not very seriously, see some formula, theorem, forms, and some concepts, to strengthen the memory.
Fourth, the test points
1, good full filling personal data, especially the admission ticket number and the name and number to be absolutely accurate, need to check it again after a fill in.
2, browse the examination paper, grasp the comprehensive (mutual association, widen their thinking, to erase a memory block), five minutes before were held make full use of the normal, every minute counts.
3, because of all the subjects implementing online marking, keep neatness is particularly important.
4, after the first difficult, divide-and-conquer, build up your confidence. The examinee to avoid two tendencies: one avoid thought would not quiet; 2 avoid spend too much time on a certain topic.
5, and strive to accurately, prevent the haste makes waste.
6, serious topic, clear requirements. 1) don't see the wrong topic, 2) analysis to clear, 3) must be good at contact and lenovo, paying special attention to contact the actual life and society.
Can finish item 7, as far as possible, the thought of information fully embodied in the answer sheet, component will contend for, and pay attention to control time.
8, 15 minutes before the end of the test, carefully check, the last shut in the well, to ensure that the results of thinking, steps, and problem solving.

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